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in london and then on the way back to the u.s. the italian court appeals threw out the conviction. the dna evidence used to convict knox was discredited. >> reporter: inside the prison van speeding her to court, amanda knox had no way of knowing which way the verdict would go. all she could focus on is, this is it. all or nothing. freedom or a life behind bars. the strain of not knowing, clearly etched on her face. the judge, in a somber tone, seemed to take forever. >> translator: guilty of slander, announced the judge. a sentence of three years, erased by time served. athen the verdict on the charge of murder. the judge declared she was free. knox collapsed. family and friends cried openly and embraced. escorted from the courtroom for the last time found not guilty. standard applause and cheers from the crowds gathered outside the courtroom. >> she suffered for three years for a crime that she did not commit. >> reporter: hundreds of italians shouting "shame, shame." after the verdict was red, a very volatile crowd, very angry, some about the verdict and also tension. and amanda, amanda,
is in a big power struggle in the middle east with saudi arabia. >> by attacking both the u.s. and saudi arabia, but somebody with the cartel turned out to be working undercover for the united states. vice president joe biden responded on the "today" show this morning. he said it was, quote, no problem. >> i think there is a lot that goes on that we don't know about. >> i think we have done a good job. >> reporter: this man was arrested last month in new york. officials say he has been cooperating every since. >> it's further evidence that iran does not follow international rules of behavior, whether it's with respect to their nuclear program, international terrorism or the way they treat their own citizens, and this is just another piece of evidence of that. i think we should have a firm response, but also avoid overreacting. we don't want to get into a war with iran. >> reporter: he is being held with no bond. >>> the new leader of al qaeda released a new online video this morning railing against the united states. nbc news has yet to confirm the authenticity of the video. if it's real
taken away from them. >> we decided there are a good number of us who were willing to take that risk and others who supported that and the reason that we are taking this stand and staying here in the plaza is that what's going on in the country right now is unacceptable. it is important for us to be out in public space to be visible about that. >> reporter: the group's permit to protest expired sunday night. they have today to pack up and leave. if they don't, the u.s. park police have the authority to arrest them. while many here plan to take it all the way, some say that they will support the cause in other ways and avoid confrontation with police. >> some people are trying to be bold in making a statement by being incredibly defiant but i believe it is more prudent to maintain cohesion with the group and not be so defiant and we are going to attempt, my wife and i, we are going to attempt to follow as many orders as possible while still making as big of a statement as possible. >> reporter: what happens here today? that remains to be seen. we are not seeing much of a police presen
anything details. we were led less than an hour ago, maybe a half hour ago to this area. they did allow us behind some of their blockades but nirt saying exactly what's going on down there in that wooded area near the curve in the road. we did have a police chopper in the area. they are doing to surveillance or looking from above. it appears chief manger may be on the scene here as well. there's a large group of officers talking, consulting with one another. and we are hoping to get an update here shortly. this is just, i should mention, a few miles from where william lived with his mother. his mom jane was found dead inside their home on september 30th. and william has been missing ever since then and the search has been on. now curtis lopez, jane mckwan's estranged husband was arrested. he was charged with her murder, picked up in north carolina. we are waiting to receive word whether there has been some sort of a break in this case, whether william has been found or whether this is another dead end. we simply don't know. what i can tell you is this is a large-scale search. unlike some o
of a tough week for metro and metro riders. megan mcgrath joins us and tells us what is happening out there. good morning, megan. >> reporter: the union station metro station has re-opened but it was closed for about an hour and 15 minutes this morning, so affecting the people at the tail end of rush hour. at 8:45 this morning they experienced an electrical problem, and it was a spark that was on a component associated with the third rail, that's the electrical rail, inside the union station metro station. there were sparks that put off smoke and the smoke gathered in the tunnel prompting them to close the metro station for about an hour and 15 minutes. they had to single track trains between stations, and whenever you single track that causes big backups, and there were significant delays for a time this was all happening. and then on wednesday, the orange line had problems during the morning and evening rush hour, and a switch lost power, and that caused major issues and delays for people, and on tuesday night, there was chaos after a person was hit by a train at the claire ton metro stop
, the sports junkies are used to talking about breaking news, and this morning they had their breaking news of a different kind. >> i thought it was another earthquake. >> it was a glass exploding sound that went along with it. >> the segment just ended so i was coming here -- >> so at about 7:39, adam, who was working in the call screen room works in here because we had to -- >> we had just gone to break! >> about a second or two after i walked out of the room, i hear aloud boom. >> the studio shook. >> it sounded like lightning hit a tree right next to us, and next thing we know we hear glass shattering. >> it was a honda civic that slammed into the building, right into the call screen room where the interns and producers are there throughout the show. >> a second or two earlier, who knows what would have happened. it was very scary. >> i know this. adam is not a tough guy. he was scared. >> yeah, he jumped. can you imagine appear car is going to drive right through your wall. >> i guess we will take him at his word. >> we had to get twit pics, jp. >> it was a breaking news story happenin
us the last time she saw his mother's vehicle there was a man loading a large flat screen tv into the back of the vehicle a few weeks ago. she says she talked to the man before and he said she was a friend of the mcquain family and said he knew the mom and son. she says she doesn't know the man's name but shortly after that she did not see the son, the mother nor the vehicle. sources tell us that vehicle, police were looking for it, it was discovered in the carolinas, and nobody was in it. tracee wilkins live in germantown. back to you in the studio, barbara. >> this is a story we will continue to follow. >>> meanwhile, pieces -- >> you are good on the cable. swing left. >> pieces of the damaged national kcathedral. crews brought that piece down in an effort to stabilize the tower damaged in the august earthquake. we have more on the project now. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. the work is being done on the other side here, but to give you an idea of the area we're talking about, the structure we are talking about, it's the pinnacles at the top, the s
that we are all doing okay. we just didn't want it to keep going down. this will help us get back up to, you know, strength of 3900 and keep moving forward. >> reporter: this isn't the only class entering the police academy. mayor vincent gray recently announced a funding plan that will add 300 officers to the force over the next year. training will take 28 weeks with the first new batch of officers hitting the streets sometime in april. >> 300 would allow us to replace those who are leaving an estimated 13 to 15 each month. at the top level that would be 180. so even if we have 180 leaving we are adding an additional 120 on top of that. we will have a larger force a year from now. >> reporter: there is no shortage of people wanting to be a police officer here in the district of columbia. the chief says they have gotten thousands of applications, far many more applications than they actually have openings. the candidates from really around the world and around the country, amazing number of people from a variety of different backgrounds, she says. she is very pleased with the candidates
.c. protesters will get to remain in freedom plaza for the foreseeable future. the u.s. park release is working on a permit extension that would allow them to stay well into the winter months. megan mcgrath is live in freedom plaza. looks like they can stay a little while. >> reporter: absolutely, barbara. tents are still in place. they were actually supposed to leave yesterday. that was the deadline, but then there was a deal worked out between the organizers and the u.s. park police. now, the organizers believe that they have a verbal agreement to stay here in freedom plaza for up to four months. now, that's up for some debate here. spoke a little while ago to the national parks service. they have agreed in the theory to allow them to stay, to extend their permit, which has expired. however, whether they can stay for up to four months, they say that that's unclear. they say there are other groups who have permits to be in this plaza, at various parts of the year in the four-month period, and they say they will have to work out the logistics, figure out if everyone is okay with sharing the spa
rate stayed at 9.1% for the third straight month. >>> president obama is using the nationwide protest to reignite a bush for his jobs bill. the president told the press that the demonstrations give a voice to broader frustration over how the is run and the lack of jobs. his plan to tax the more wealthy americans can even the playing field. >> mr. president, why have you given up on the country and decided to campaign full time instead of doing what the american people sent us all here to do? >> proposing a partisan tax hike 13 months before an election won't create one single job. >> the senate plans to vote on a revised version of the plt's $450 billion plan next week which includes a surcharge on millionaires. >>> and turning to our beautiful weather out there, the weekend forecast can make everyone happy, veronica. there's a little bit of fog out there, is that right? >> there is. particularly down to the south and west around culpepper. it burned off and now we've gotten more sunshine today. and we're right in the middle of this sunny and dry stretch. so three mo
judge is trying to decide whether crime scene photos can be used for opening statements. megan mcgrath joins us. >> reporter: these are crime scene and autopsy photos. very disturbing images. the prosecutor wants to use them at the start of the trial before they are entered into evidence. the defense, though, says that's not fair to their client and it's now up to the judge to decide. >> it was a gruesome crime. murray was stabbed to death. all indications are that they put up a fight. prosecutors have graphic photos that they want to show to the jury in opening statement, and one is her dead inside the store, and then one of the accused at the scene. while prosecutors argue the photographs are key to the opening statement, the defense says their use at the start of the trial would be prejudicial to their client. as the judge ponders the arguments, jury selection resumed. the process is taking longer than expected, and the problem is pretrial publicity surrounding the case. the overwhelming majority of prois that correcttive jurors stood up. the judge is bringing in jurors one by
. and they are raising questions as to how the dictator died. melissa malay joins us now. >> there are mixed reports about whether gadhafi's funeral is scheduled for today. the video we are about to show you is fairly graphic, and it's of the fallen leader taken yesterday. here you can see, he is bloody and wobbling, and they found him in a pipe and moved him into a truck where he was shot. they want to know if he was executed or killed in cross fire. the spokesman calls the video very disturbing. john mccain appeared on the "today" show, and he said he has confidence of the leadership transition in libya. >> they have a bunch of militias running around, and as you know there are all kinds of weapons spread all over, they have got to get those secured. >> forces are now gathering as you can see at the sewer pipe where he was captured posing for photos, and they are trying to cash in at the end of gadhafi's role, and setting up shop and selling mementoes from the fallen regime. and leadership should become more clear but it will take time to get production to what it was before all the troubles began
's going to be before the senate. there are too many people hurting in this country for us to do nothing. and the economy is just too fragile for us to let politics get in the way of action. we've got a responsibility to the people who sent us here. so i hope every senator thinks long and hard about what's at stake when they cast their vote next week. all right. with that, i will take your questions and i will start with ben feller of the associated press. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i'd like to ask you two economic matters. federal reserve chairman bernanke warned congress this week that the economic recovery is close to faltering. do you agree? and, secondly, on your jobs bill, the american people are sick of games. you mentioned games in your comments. they want results. wouldn't it be more productive to work with republicans on a plan that you know could pass congress as opposed to going around the country, talking about your bill and singling out, calling out republicans by name? >> well, first of all, with respect to the state of the economy, there is no doubt that growt
and freezing temperatures. using what equipment they had and digging with bare hands, workers moved chunks of concrete to reach victims including this scared 10-year-old boy. >> along with the desperate search for victims, thousands are seeking shelter. aide workers set up 4,000 tents in a nearby stadium and food and blankets and other aid is pouring in from around the world. >> that was nbc's michelle franzen reporting. the last time a major earthquake hit turkey was in wr9. that's when two quakes hit the northwest region of the country, killing 20,000 people. >>> right now jury selection is under way for the trial of brittney norwood. she accused of killing her co-worker murray at the lululemon store in bethesda in march. megan mcgrath is live outside the courtroom with more. >> reporter: good morning. brittney entered the courtroom wearing a gray cardigan sweater and blouse and hair pulled tightly back. she has been sitting quietly next to her attorneys as the proceedings go on here. the judge brought in the first 150 prospective jurors into the courtroom. they were sworn in and are bei
from the boy's germantown home. news4's megan mcgrath is also there and joins us live with more. good morning. >> well, good morning, barbara. this is actually a smaller scale search than what we saw over the weekend. about 20 or so officers here on the grounds of the old comcast building. that's located just off of 270 if you are familiar with this area. and there is also a second search going on at a different location in damascus. here at the comcast campus they are concentrating their efforts in the beginning on a wooded section that's near the parking lot area. they are also going to be taking a look down along 270. the fence line between this property and the highway. now, of course, they are looking for 11-year-old william mcquain. his mother, jane, was found stabbed and beaten to death inside of her condominium. william has not been seen since the end of september or beginning of october. jane mcquain's estranged husband curtis lopez has been arrested in north carolina and charged with her murder. the big question, though, is where is her son, william mcquain. i'm joined by ca
tell us he was married to several women at the same time and was in the process of divorcing the girl's mother when she was murdered. he works as the driver as the ride-on bus system. jessica was found stabbed to death, and her grandmother discovered the child's body. she has often expressed a fear of her stepfather, the man under arrest for her murder. the family's home is now empty, and this woman lives next door and says she never saw the stepfather but is happy there is a resolution on the case. >> hopefully this case will be closed soon. >> again, we are expecting to hear from the chief any moment now. we do have the podium set up now and are standing by for a press conference. i am tracee wilkins live here at the police headquarters. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, tracee. >>> meanwhile, the stepfather of william mcquain is now the suspect in the child's death. they found his remains, and the william matched what william was seen on october 1st. police found the boy's mother, jane mcquain, dead in her germantown home last week. >>> new at midday, police are confirming o
.c., this group has no plans to camp out. >>> tom kierein joins us with our first forecast. we knew the nice weather wouldn't last, tom. >> it's still pleasant in washington and points south and east where the sun is still out. at northwest, we still have a little of the last bit of sun shining down on the autumn foliage which is beautiful now. in the distance there are dark clouds moving in from the west, and over the last 12 hours we have been watching them move in ahead of train that has been holding together, and it's diminishing in intensity. there is the radar. the nearest rain is in frederick county, maryland, and up into southern pennsylvania and further to the southwest of their panhandle of west percentage, and that stretches into the northern shenandoah valley, over towards the highlands in west virginia at the potomac highlands. and they are tending to dry as they come our way, but we may get a few sprinkles in the next hour or two. and it's mid and upper 60s in the southwest area, where there has been more sun. and it's only 52 in frederick and down into the 50s to just the low
beating took place inside the lululemon store. he says a lot of force was used in landing some of these blows. brittany norwood continues with her quiet demeanor in the courtroom. she is showing no emotion at all. she did not appear to look up at any of these graphic photos that were shown today, but she's not showing any facial expressions either. and the testimony continues and we'll continue to follow this case. barbara, back to you. >> thank you, megan. >>> new today, a wild chain of events in northeast washington. a man is in the hospital in stable condition after being shot and then crashing his car while trying to drive himself to the hospital. police say he was shot around 4:00 this morning near 17th and monroe streets northeast. he tried to escape the scene, but crashed into a retaining wall nearby. after he was taken to the hospital, his car caught on fire. the fire department had to be called to put out that fire. there's no word on any suspects in this shooting or if police know what led to the shooting in the first place. >>> and this morning, millions of people ar
with the wintry weather. >>> no signs of snow but a colder start for the day. tom kierein joins us for the forecast. >> we have signs of autumn. that's for sure. look at the gorgeous peak autumn color here in northwest washington. a live picture from the sky watcher camera. you can see the clouds coming in from the south and west and that's where the storm's coming from. we have a partly sunny sky, and after a very cold start this morning in the mid to low 30s, now it's at 37 at reagan national. that is the zone that could have the majority of the accumulating snow. it's coming from a storm system gathering strength now in the tennessee valley and moving off the atlantic seaboard, and coming our way by late tonight and tomorrow. right now we have sunshine and you see the clouds beginning to move in through the west and they will be with us as we get in through the morning hours. highs only reaching low 50s, and a northeasterly breeze. a look and potential for snow. i will show you my forecast map and the timing on all of this is well, and that will be coming up in a few minutes and
. >>> and let's talk about that beautiful day we have out there right now. veronica johnson is out there with us. couldn't ask for better. >> right. and we never thought it was going to get here. we were stuck for so long in gray and gloom and kind of -- >> rain, drizzle, whatever it was. >> that's right. it was lousy. and now finally some sunshine. >> and you look like fall today. >> a little bit like fall. trying to keep warm from the morning chill but i'm going to have to drive home with the sun advise advice sor down because i couldn't find my sunglasses. we're in the 60s right now. today, up into the mid-70s. it may not be one of our warmest days in weeks but certainly one of the brightest days that we've had in weeks, going back to mid-december. wind is out of the west at 16 miles an hour. a little breezy through the afternoon. mid-60s. leesburg, too, and then 70 in culpepper. winds out of the southwest and generally a westerly wind. taking a look at the radar, hardly any clouds are to be found across the area. you have to go to western maryland for that. on the radar and here's the reason
confirm that. libyan leaders have informed u.s. officials of his death. the transitional council says gadhafi was attacked as he tried to leave the town of sirte. melissa malay is live in the studio with the events. >> it's said the reports are true, and they promise an official announcement later today, but this morning libyan rebels took to the streets in celebration. as gadhafi's hometown rebels celebrated, they chanted god is good. nato said it hit a gadhafi group of loyalists. we know that there are some reports this morning that he was shot in both legs, and captured alive and then killed, and found hiding in a hole in his hometown of sirte. al jazeer is reporting that his son was also in that hole and captured. gadhafi was seen in tripoli just before it was taken over by the rebels this summer. >>> gadhafi finally lost his grip on august 21st, when rebels over ran the capital of tripoli storming the compound of gadhafi and forcing him to go on the run. gadhafi rose to power in a military coup that he led in 1969. gadhafi began to lose control in february, as rebel forces starte
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21